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Spectrum Denturism online tests for CE credits features 2 or more articles with 2 tests for continuing education credits. As a subscriber, you can complete the following tests and submit them.

As a subscriber, you will receive 0.25 credits for each test submitted in this continuing education series.


Each issue contains 4 tests. It's that easy!


Download Spectrum Denturism articles and submit your test online!

The correct answers to the tests can be found within the articles.


Answer 10 multiple choice questions - a score of 7/10 is a passing grade. Your test is automatically marked, and you will be shown your test results. You can either choose to submit your test or if you receive a score that is below the passing grade, you can cancel your submission and try again!


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NOTE: All tests are time sensitive and will expire one year following the issue date.

You must complete all tests by this date in order to receive your credits.