MicrO2  Sleep Apnea Device by Micro Dental Laboratories – the First CAD/CAM Milled Sleep Apnea Device is now Registered for Sale in Canada

Micro Dental Laboratories introduces MicrO2™, an FDA cleared Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) device is now also available for sale in Canada. The first CAD/CAM milled Obstructive Sleep Apnea device, the MicrO2 offers dentists a new, innovative option for treating the growing number of patients diagnosed with OSA. Dentists are the front line for screening and managingpatients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Many of MicroDental’s partner dentists asked for a small, precise, andeasy to use Obstructive Sleep Apnea device. ....  www.dtidental.com

Labormat SD

Zahn and Dreve worked together to create aspecial edition LabormatSD. A new 24-hourtimer has now beenincorporated into thedesign. It allowstechnicians to set thetimer to any specificamount of time to curethe acrylic. When the timer is up, the unit shuts off and theflasks are ready to come out.  www.zahncanada.ca

Jeltrate® Chroma Color

DENTSPLY Canada announces the launch of Jeltrate® Chroma Dustless Color- Changing Alginate Impression Material. Jeltrate® Chroma is formulated to change colors for each preparation phase: fuchsia during mixing, lavender during tray loading and seating to light blue during setting in the mouth. The product has a fast setting time of 2 minutes and a five day dimensional stability. The dustless formulation reduces airborne particles when dispensing and mixing, for a healthier environment and easier cleanup. Jeltrate® Chroma Alginate is intended to provide models for study and for the production of restorative prosthetic devices, such as dental inlays and dentures. The product is available as an intro kit including a reusable canister and water/powder measures - and 454g refill pouches. www.dentsply.ca 

The eco safety Bunsen burner

The cleaning work required during the daily laboratory routine shouldtake as little time as possible for the dental technician. Working with wax using a Bunsen burner, in particular, leadssooner or later to heavy contamination of the burner. The usual Renfert safety technology ensures that the gas supply is cut off automatically if the flame is accidentally extinguished. An optimal price-performance ratio makes this high-quality product very attractive. www.renfert.com

Excel Lab Putty

Zahn is excited to introduceExcel Lab Putty from St.George Technologies. Witha great chemical makeupand shore hardness of 85,you are guaranteed toreceive strong and accurateresults time after time. www.zahncanada.ca


Dent-line of Canada News Dent-line of Canada, a division of Central
Dental Ltd., announces the availability of BioHPP in Canada. BioHPP,
manufactured by Bredent Group GmbH, is a PEEK-based ceramic
reinforced high performance polymer used as a framework material in a range of applications. BioHPP has shock-absorbing “offpeak” characteristics that lower and delay the onset of occlusal forces, protecting both the dental prostheses and underlying biological structures from the damaging effects of bite forces.
Available in pellets and ingots for the pressing technique or CAD-CAM discs for milling, BioHPP is versatile and integrates easily into existing lab workflows. BioHPP can be veneered with a range of materials including lithium-disilicate ceramics, composites, and visio.lign. www.dent-line.com

Equator Implant Abutmen

Nordenta introduces the Equator implant abutment from Rhein83. Not only does the Equator have a slightly lower height profile than the Locator® abutment, it is 1.1mm smaller in diameter. The significantly smaller diameter size allows for much needed additional space to achieve the best esthetics and function for each and every case. The Equator is available for every implant on the market and comes in cuff heights from 1 – 7mm in 1mm increments. Nordenta even offer a custom made to order service for any implant no longer on the market. There is no additional charge for this service. Nordenta is pleased to offer the 3rd Edition of the Rhein83 technical manual/catalogue as well as instructional DVD’s. www.nordenta.net